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leaned against a mast●,

be●tween them, for each felt th▓e effort to speak was made only for th●e other, and they ceased to war thus with nature●. A sudden gloom darkened t▓he heavens.The glow passed from the beaut●iful shores.A heavy fall of dense clouds ●hung over them, and concealed them f●rom the eyes whi

ch in that direc▓tion lingered still.The last gleam of light dis▓closed to Imri his Josephine in the attitude of ▓calm and happy slumber.Her head reclined upo●n her arm, and the long dark cur▓ls had fallen over her face and n●eck.He rejoiced; for he thought nature had a●t length found the

repose she so much ▓needed.His own eyelids felt heavy, and● his limbs much exhausted; but he remained watch●ing, untired, the sleep of his belo▓ved.Heavy gusts now at intervals swept along ●the ocean.The blackened waves rolled● higher and higher at the call, now crested by ●the snowy foam.The vessel rocked an●d heaved, and speedily driven from her

cours●e, mocked every effort to guide her southward▓, one moment riding proudly on the topmost wave▓, the next sinking in a deep v▓alley, as about to be whelmed▓ by huge mountains of roaring water.Dist▓ant thunder, mingled with the moan▓ing gust, coming nearer and nearer, till ●it burst above their heads, louder and longer th●an the discharge of a hundred cannons.T●he foiled lightning streamed through the ●ebon sky, illumining all around for above a● minute by that blue and vivid glare, and the▓n vanishing in darkness yet more ter▓rible. The elements were at war a

round the●m, cries of human terror joined wi●th the roar of the ocean, the rolling t▓hunder, the groaning blasts; but there wa▓s no movement in the form of Josephine.Co▓uld she still sleep Could exhaustion rend▓er her insensible to sounds li●ke these Imri knelt beside ●her and called her

close beside her; but few words passed
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